Impressive Architectural Presentation Drawings

Published: 06th June 2009
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The Value of Architectural Presentation

Architectural presentation drawings are the key marketing materials of architectural firms when pitching their designs. They not only serve as mediums to communicate the proposed design but they also serve as their business' promotional tools. The quality of these presentation drawings therefore must not be sacrificed. No matter how perfect or professional the drawings are, they will not create that desired impact or illicit that great impression from the client if the printing or final presentation is overlooked.

Professional Presented Boards

From the architectural thesis presentation, architectural presentation drawings have always been printed and mounted on boards. An architect is all too familiar with spending night after night or day after day drafting and rendering drawings for presentation. After drawing and rendering the drawings, mounting the drawings serve as the final icing on the cake and the cherry on top of it. Mounting presentation drawings give off that professional edge, ready for exhibiting to the client. Some of the best uses for architectural presentation drawings include:

• Presentation Drawings as Concept Boards-Architectural concepts, themes, motifs or images of a design are commonly printed on large format posters in order to effectively convey the feel or mood of the design. Usually, a design is better communicated and understood when there are supplementing images to suggest a look, a finish, a color or shape.

• Presentation Drawings as Schematic Design Boards-Architects make use of boards that have sketches or preliminary schemes in order to illustrate the design process. Often, these also serve as supplementary images to graphically reinforce the design concept or idea.

Poster Printing and Mounting

In architectural presentation; students, architectural firms or free lance architects commonly avail of poster printing services that print posters and other large format drawings. Despite being computer generated, rendered or drafted, having them printed out and mounted like posters enable clients to approach them and take a closer look. This can be the best way for clients to effectively see details, scale relationships, and variations in texture or color.

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