Canvas Prints as Vivid Backdrops for School Plays

Published: 05th June 2009
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Creating a Story for School Plays

School plays are events full of fanfare and need much preparation. Each play or story is different and requires a unique backdrop or set design. It may be possible to create designs using cardboard or paper but these materials tend to fade, get tattered and old over time. A more durable and even more creative method is the use of poster prints and canvas prints.

All the World is a Stage

With canvas printing and poster printing, practically any image, photograph or theme can be done. Whether the set design calls for a large format, canvas print or several smaller poster prints, both media can be used as colorful backdrops to the stage props and actors. Below are some design ideas that can use canvas and poster prints:

• Storybook Themes-Prints can set the stage for a story book romance, adventure, comedy or tragedy. Prints can feature set design for the Three Musketeers, Les Miserables, Bible stories, Tom Sawyer, or the classic sets of play such as Romeo and Juliet, The Sound of Music, or My Fair Lady.

• Historic Themes-Canvas prints or posters can feature historic themes such as the Battle of Gettysburg, The First Thanksgiving, The Great Chinese Dynasties, The Roman Empire, The Great Depression.

• Whimsical Themes-Fantastic and whimsical deigns can include carnival, cartoon world, medieval age, pirate ship, deserted island, underwater, desert caravan,outer space exploration or treasure hunt.

Creative and Convenient Canvas and Posters Prints

canvas printing and poster printing today can be easy and convenient to do with the help of online printing companies. They offer customers the freedom to upload any design and choose from standard or custom sizes. Printers use full color digital printers that can print as little as one to fifty pieces with no minimum requirement. Some printing companies offer stretched or rolled canvas prints which are easy to mount or hang on stage. The prints come with UV and eco-friendly coatings to resist water, cracking and fading. Canvas and poster prints are durable, repositionable and reusable.

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